External stent technology

We are a multidisciplinary team of specialists developing an external stent for bypass surgery

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Medical background

WHO forecasts that in 2023 the number of patients with coronary atherosclerosis in the world will reach over 41 million people. As a result, the coronary artery bypass surgery is the most frequently performed cardio-surgical operation in the world today.

Usually the patient's own vein is used as a bypass. As a result of high blood pressure and stress, the vessel rebuilds and its wall thickens - which unfortunately happens inward. This leads to a restriction of the vessel's patency.

External stent aims to:

limit the stress exerted on the walls of the venous bypass
provide uniform reinforcement along bypass’s entire length
preserve the patency of the venous bypass
ensure the optimal long-term functionality of the bypass

Our goal

Increasing population and extending life expectancy give atherosclerosis more time to develop in more and more people. According to the current state of art in medicine, the best way to help patients is to increase the blood supply to the coronary arteries by implanting a bypass. The more developed the atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries, the stronger are the indications for surgery.

All this makes it evident s why it is so important to constantly optimize the bypass implantation procedure. It could potentially translate into the life expectancy and quality of life for millions of people.

Our solution is to contribute to maintaining the patency of the venous bypass grafts, which is still an unsolved problem in cardiac surgery. The ultimate goal is greater comfort and longer life for coronary heart disease patients.

Piotr Denis, CEO Stentsolution

Our team

Piotr Denis

Piotr Denis

specialist in the field of advanced functional materials

Judyta Dulnik

Judyta Dulnik

specialist in the field of biomaterials

prof. Paweł Sajkiewicz

prof. Paweł Sajkiewicz

experienced scientist in the field of materials and biomedical engineering